Saturday 30 May 2015

Getting Creative for Fathers Day - #trupintdads

With Fathers Day just round the corner we decided to get a bit crafty on what to do for Daddy for Fathers Day. After some decision Asti came up with an idea to decorate Daddy's office at work with some new pictures of the kids. So with the help of Truprint who gifted us a voucher towards there website we were on our way. I hoping the hubby will be surprised as all he got for me for Mothers day from the children was a packer of percy pigs!! Oh and some flowers but he didn't tell me that. (not that I am being un grateful I just like a bit off effort) Thank fully the kids had all made me some cards at school and nursery and thats what I loved the most. I love hand made stuff, and if the kids make it, it doesn't matter how awful I still love it.

Whislt on the website I also brought some stickers of Daddy which I thought would make a great touch to their Fathers day cards. The delivery only took a few days which I was so excited about, had to remember they weren't for me and also hide them from the hubby who I was desperate to show. Ami loved the stickers and put them all over her card. They only cost £2.50 which I thought was a right bargain, you can add font too.

Asti took some time making his card. It was amazing to see as this boy 4 years ago would have sat still for about a minute before getting down from the table. Shows he is either passionate about appreciating Fathers day or a new lover of craft. Either way I was amazed, his card did look really good.

I then showed the children all the pictures that they had chosen for Daddy, Asti was super chuffed with his as you can see above. 

The pictures are on good and look really good. I wondered about the quality of them but they look really effective. May have to persuade Daddy to not have the in the office. The size shown in the pictures is only £15.99 each.

They then had the mission trying to warp the presents which for two toddlers they did ok. Poor Son Son did not understand and kept on opening the present. Ami and Asti focused on wrapping theres neatly.

By the end of it all there was glitter every where! I mean every where I had a dentist appointment straight after where the dentist actually told me I had lots of glitter on my face, not at all embarrassing.

 I really hope the hubby loves his little gifts as much as we do. He really deserves it he works so hard for us all. Why not head over to truprint and see what offers they have for Fathers day the last day you can order is the 17th of June. There is so much to choose from regarding gifts and if you are anything like me you a sucker for photo gifts.

Also with not long left Truprint are offering a code to get a massive £30 of fathers day gifts with voucher code - LOVEMYDAD


  1. I love truprint! I always order my photos from there.
    Great post and great idea for gifts too x

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