Monday 4 May 2015

How to survive train journeys with toddlers

Ok I am not saying I am some kind of expert on train journeys but the other day I managed to travel across London catching 6 trains and still living to tell the tale. Often you may find the idea is a lot worse than the actual journey and you end up enjoying it. So here is some of my advice when travelling on a train.

1 - First thing to do is to make sure you find either a table or somewhere that has a bit of space for the kids to be free. I found tables to be good as I can sit in front of the toddler to stop them escaping and running up and down the isles.

2 - pack food or be prepared to buy food before getting on every train. Food like crisps and raisins that take time to eat are a good idea. I prepare a massive bag of treats just to make sure if they get restless I can give them something to eat. Also drinks drinks drinks, if your toddler is like both of mine they drink for England and always want a drink. Strong shoulders are a must if you do not have a pushchair. 

3 - make sure you take a stroller, I once made the mistake of going to britmums conference with just a baby in a sling?? What was I thinking. All those different tubes and trains my shoulders ached least with the pushchair if they have a sleep you can put them in it. Although I didn't take a pushchair with ,y 2 year old just packed some reigns, is then backfired when she fell asleep on the tube. People are usually happy to help if they see you struggling up the stairs or on a train. 

4 - colouring and sticking are a good time waster. My toddlers spend the time sticking them to them selves and the table and ignoring the colouring. I always take crayola as I know they wash off well if they go on clothes or face. 

5 - as back up I packed my iPad where I downloaded lots of programs they like in order to calm them down when they got a bit hyper. This worked when they didn't fight over the iPad and who got to hold it.

6 - remember lots of little games such as I spy or look out the window at the bird. These are usually last minute games to help those times where you are desperate. 

7 - don't worry about packing anything for you, if your lucky you may get a child that naps but most the time you will be trying to keep a child entertained and wondering why oh why did I do this 

So I hope some of these tips have helped, I'm no expert just a mum that likes to have adventures how ever crazy they are.

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  1. Great tips. I've had completely the opposite experience with pushchairs though, I found it so terrible travelling with them that my youngest has never been in one, we gave ours to the charity shop. I find slings an absolute godsend when travelling. I travelled to and around Paris with my baby in a sling. The parisians are so unwilling to help and the barriers are so small, I'm pretty sure I'd still be there if I had a pushchair! I love the games idea, we enjoy spotting things out of the window, Libby always swears blind she's seen an elephant!x