Thursday 21 May 2015

Son son your 18 months

Son son your 18 months.
What? How? When?
It's been the fastest 18 months of my life.
You've grown up so much this month your such a toddler now.
I find my self stuck following you and Ami as you go off in different directions.
You have no fear and wander off a lot, 
You have a paddy when you see the reigns.
You love to get out he pushchair and walk.

This month you have been trying to talk a lot more.
You try to say words and love to be encouraged.
People are starting to understand you but you still get frustrated when we don't know what you want.
You throw your self on the floor and throw everything you don't want away.
You say yeah a lot and nod when you want something. 

You love to be helpful and every night you like to give Ami her beaker, 
You get really cross if we give it to her. 
you like to hoover air try to we often give you the end and you pretend. 
You love to play cars and drive them round on the carpet.
You try to play with ami but get cross when she gets too bossy.
You love playing outside and stand by the door ready to jump out before the door closes.

You love your food but still will not eat much fruit.
I often put it into smoothies which you love, especially any mummy makes for herself!
You love to feed your self and refuse all help. 
You throw your food when your finished.
You love mash and vegatbles still. 
Your favourite food is crisps especially watsits.

You wave to people as soon as you see them and often flash your tummy.
You love to see birds and shout when you see them saying "bee bee"
You love Animals and squeal when you see them.

You love to dance and recently started to do little happy feet.
 You and Ami hold hands and spin in circles you love it and squel with joy. 
You love to try to draw and do craft but enjoy throwing it on the floor.
You enjoy throwing things and have such awesome aim. 
Especially when it comes to throwing at people aka balls at heads. 
You love football and always kick when you see a ball. 
You also kick people in stead of bundle oh dear.
 You love to play fight and we have to encourage you not too.
You enjoy bashing ami on the head them running away, that game never ends well for you.

You have loved playing outside especially the sand and water tray.
Even if you do pour it all on the ground you enjoy it all the same.
You do not like shaving foam and it makes you cry.
You recently love lego mini figures and have taken to carrying one round with you. 
We do have to remind you not to put it in your mouth but you think your such a big boy. 

Another month flown by we love you lots son son bear x


  1. They grow up so fast, hang on to every second. This is a beautiful post that you will look back on and treasure.

  2. Awww, he is very cute! Lovely that he likes animals, bless him, looks a happy boy.

  3. Aww what a lovely post, he is adorable! x

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  5. Aww what a gorgeous little fella. Time goes so fast, treasure every moment. x

  6. Oh what beautiful eyes he has, bless him x

  7. aw what a happy little cutie and they grow so fast ts scary

  8. Aww what a cutie, it's crazy how quick time seems to go with kids

  9. The pictures are so very cute, he looks really sweet.

  10. looking like a real little boy xx cute

  11. Aw so sweet. 18 months is always that time when you realise how much they have grown and aren't babies any more. What a cutie.

  12. What a really beautiful round up of a big milestone lovely xx

  13. Such a lovely post, so nice to have all the little things and memories to look back on as it goes TOO FAST doesnt it!

  14. He's doing so well, and these are the most adorable pictures

  15. Oh what a cutie! Time flies by so fast. Kaz x