Wednesday 13 May 2015

Oxo Tot 2 in 1 Potty Review

We have recently been reviewing the Oxo Tot 2 in 1 potty so If like us are in the throws of potty training I really recommend this potty for when you are out and about. It really has been a life saver when we have been at the park or somewhere where we have no idea of where the nearest toilet is. Not only has it been great for out and about if has been a great transition from potty to toilet. I had seen those travel potty's and they are large and bulky but the Oxo Tot potty can fit nicely in your bag and comes with a little bag place it in too.

To use the Potty on the go all you need is some plastic bags which some are provided in with the potty. I have tried normal supermarket bags and they work just the same. Firstly put the potty to seat mode via two buttons either side of the potty the fit the bag. To fit the plastic bag on the potty is easy you just pop it in the holes on the side and there you have a potty on the go. No mess and tie the bag in a know and put it in the bin. The potty can be folded up then put back in your bag or under the pushchair. 

We used it when we first started potty training and Ami would often need a wee all the time, so rather than suffer being indoors we just took the 2 in 1 seat with us. We just made sure we had enough bags and off we went. Alot of my friends would tell me horror stories about potty training but ours has been reasonable good and I think this potty has helped me feel at ease when out and about.

When at home the Oxo Potty can be easily used to fit toilet seats. Providing that support they need when first using the big seat. The legs fold all the way out to the sides and have non slip grips to stay on the toilet seat. We did have one accident involving a leg pinch and a very cross toddler she had put it on herself to "try" and be independent. All in all it has been helpful with Ami not feeling too scared of the big toliet as she had been using this potty at home too. 

All in all I think it is a fantastic product and such great colours too, available in aqua and raspberry to match all other OXO tot products. I have liked that is is slim lined and easy to carry about. It is simple to use and a lifesaver when out and about. The oxo tot potty retails at £20 which I think is a good price for the quality. So go ahead if you want something to help potty training I would not ignore this seat. 


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