Wednesday 17 December 2014

Perfect Stocking Fillers with H&A

We have had the pleasure of being a bath time Ambassador for H&A for the year and actually the kids have enjoyed it lots of new toys to play with at bath time. The last box of bath items was the most exciting I was so excited more so than the kids, it was as if it was for me (yes that is how cool I am). I was well and truly amazed at the range of bath products they have the range has really expanded and deffo worth a look at. So here is some ideas for stocking fillers as we all know this is the presents that the kids end up loving the most on Christmas morning (well this was me as a child I lived for wrapped up knick Knicks and socks in my stocking)

Top 3 Stocking fillers for Train Fans

1 - Wet and Stick bathtime clock - Great bath toy for helping you child learn shapes and numbers and sticks on to the walls and bath.

2- Next Stop Bathtime Colour and Stencil set - Great for creating little artists and comes with little bath bombs and a little sponge.

3- Trusty Thomas Sponge - Perfect Stocking filler and fits right down their at the toe end with the socks.

Disney Princess Lovers

1- Cinderella Wand - My two little ones went mad over this fighting over it. It also has some bath crystals so alot of fun making the bath all magical.

2 - Magical Bathtime Mirror - You can stick it on the side of the bath or wall or any surface including your tummy ( yes this did happen). They had great fun spotting themselves in the little mirror.

3 - Cinderella Bath Bubbles - Another must for the stocking bubble bath and what a pretty bottle you wont want to use it.

The Princess items were the biggest hit with the two with them both loving the wand and the mirror. As you can see from below that they got hold of them as I was taking some photos the little monkeys. Although it did take time to get them to take them into the bath Ami will not let the princess wand go in the bath and keeps on turning little bear into a frog poor boy. The great thing about H&A is the quality of the product, unlike some other cheaper products they do not seem so harsh on the little ones skins which is such a bonus for us mums. 

I never really knew how much that H&A actually do and the amount of ranges. They are sure to suit every child the different ranges include Frozen, Thomas the Tank engine, Disney Princess, Minnie mouse and many more. The H&A range is currently on offer in Tescos at the moment so what are you waiting for head down there whilst stocks last. Also check out the website for more info and where else you can purchase these awesome items. 


  1. These are so cute, it makes me sad though because my babies are too old for these but they did use to love Thomas the Tank. Great post lovely.

    Hugs Michelle ||

  2. OMG this is literally perfect timing! I have no kids but everyone else does so buying for so many I usually get something small and these are perfect - Thank you!