Monday 22 December 2014

Bubble Bum Review

We recently got sent a Bubble Bum. Yes a bubble bum you are now interested I bet, well this is a car booster seat that can be deflated and easily carried around how amazing is that. Its portable and foldable can be put away with out causing wasting too much boot space. It is the perfect car seat for 4-11 year olds when travelling especially abroad as it can fit easily in the luggage meaning they will be safe in the car whilst you are on holiday. 

Our is very cramped in the backseat there is not much space for a normal booster seat with two chunky baby car seats and it fits perfectly. My son suggested it was more comfortable than his other booster seat that actually has not been used as it did not fit in the car. 

The Bubble Bum has passed the same safety standards as other boosters. It has also been tested through the deflation process and passed as well. So for the parents who are immediately worried about this booster being damaged and deflating, the researchers prepared for that and tested for that.

The seat is designed so that the the 3-point harness is in the correct position for your child. One main aspect of the Bubble Bum’s 3-point belt is to protect your child’s tummy. In this way, the seat belt is set in the lap position. Depending on your child’s height, they may or may not need a belt adjuster to prevent the seat belts shoulder strap from rubbing their neckline. 

It really is a great little booster seat that can be taken anywhere perfect for larger families and traveling. It comes in many different colours, inflates and deflates really easily and only costs £29.99. Check out the video to find out more. 

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