Tuesday 16 December 2014

Its the most busiest time of the year

Dont get me wrong I do love Christmas I just wish it was not so busy. We have this week Kids parties. school parties, nursery parties, dressing up on different days, football meal and much more and thats just this week. Not to forget all the Christmas shopping I still need to get and don't forget all the wrapping too. Mental note do not think my whole 12 metres of wrapping paper will cover it all! Then there is making plans with friends and family its all busy busy. This is my first year working over Christmas I do not think that helps at all. I am not the most organised of people.

With all that I got the camera out one evening and took some snaps, you know to remember this year in years to come. I have felt a bit guilty I have not done enough craft or baking as previous years but have tried to make up by buying lots of Christmas craft bits from poundland! So below are my attempt at Christmas Photos, they remain unedited as I am juggling my time writing lists and trying not to forget someone to buy a gift for,

Little Bear not really wanting to take part!

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