Sunday 14 December 2014

In the Summer time - Mark Warner Ambassador Entry

I love the sunshine don't get me wrong walking to school with the icy wind on my face could be seen as torture fun but I long for the days of not having to wear a coat. The days where it does not take 3 hours to get out the door to find someone has lost a mitten and expect judgy looks as people see one cold little hand. No way take me back to flip flops and sun glasses that is why I would like to be a Mark Warner Mum just for my sanity. No that's a joke I hate being cold. hate the wind I just love sunny warm days. Its in my blood. So That is me but what about the other lot why would they want to go on a holiday with Mark Warner.

Firstly my poor Husband Matt he has been taking the slack of looking after the kids and he is starting to realise looking after 3 kids is sometimes (alot of the time) hard work. Along with fitting all his work in having to edit videos whilst two little ones badger him is starting to take his toll, his hair is not turned 80% grey hair coverage.

Next up in the tribe is Pants who is 8 and generally loves anything to do with being outside. He is a lover of sport and a lover of being in the water. We did have some tricky moments in the summer where he thought he could swim further than he could meaning Matt had to jump in after him in just his pants. I personally was rather impressed with the sight but poor Matt was fuming at how cold the water was. He needs a holiday as he needs a break from reading books and spellings.

Ami is our only girl and is 2 going on 12 she is hilarious and full of character. She comes out with most funny sayings at dinner time the other day she said "this room smells funny a bit like Little Bears smelly nappies" she obviously loves my cooking. She loves the beach and every day she wants to go to there thankfully we do not live not to far away from one. She has already been to France and traveled 16 hours in a Coach to Denmark. Ami needs a holiday as their is only so many times you can watch Peppa pig going to Italy without feeling a bit Jealous. 

Last of the littlies is Little Bear who has just turned 1. He is a ray of light and loves nothing better than a good cuddle. He is the sweetist little boy you could meet and I really hope he stays like it. He is a bit more reserved maybe because he has two older siblings who ARE VERY NOISY. He got over his phobia of water in the Summer on our holiday to France after the 5th day he finally stopped crying every time he went in the water. Little Bear needs a holiday because he told me he wants to travel the world (ok that is a lie he can not say anything other than mumma, more and yeah at the moment).

Then there is me Mumatron aka Sara. When I am not knee deep in nappies I am often found at work knee deep in .. my job as a nurse. I spend my weeks juggling time and longing for more than 2 days of in a row. I really miss spending time as a family most weeks as shift work is often un socialbe and I miss alot of things, such as my eldest Son's last ever nativity. I love quality time with my family and having little adventures. Such as going to Denmark at 38 weeks pregnant to do some Mission work, good fun traveling 18 hours there and back. Although I could not fly so Matt had to bring Pants and Ami back on their own meaning I missed their first time on a flight boo. I came back via a van in case you were interested, not in the back of one nothing dodgy like. PS my picture is not recent I could not find a picture of me on my own I am now a bit more rounded as to say. I need a holiday well I just need some days where there is no pressure to do anything that would be fab.

So this is us my little but loud so very loud family. All different but all have one thing in common the love for the beach and not football before you think that!! We love spending time all of us together and what amazing opportunity to be a Mark Warner Mum. I saw the hoilday reviews of Mark Warner holidays on other blogs and I was amazed the little beds for the kids to sleep in whilst the parents can go out, what an amazing idea. Obviously thats not the only thing that stood out so much more, just looks like a perfect family holiday.  

Just think if we get picked we can get away, I can stop looking anemic and the bags that have formed from working 13 hour shifts at the hospital will disappear. I could force my husband to make a short video whilst we are there that is what he does best. He may also have a chance to relax and not worry about school drop offs and nursery pick ups (he is late at least once a week). The kids well they would just love it. 

Good luck everyone who enters. 

PS: In case it was not clear this is our entry to be a Mark Warner holiday Ambassador :)

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