Thursday 4 September 2014

Outtakes from our family photo

I for one do love a good outtake photo and they are often left untouched. When we take our me and mine photo every month usually we put the camera on the stand and it takes every 10 seconds till one of us stops it. Usually alot of me giving me husband a look or the kids not looking, but this month I loved the out takes. I love how they show its not that easy and we are not perfect. 

I loved this photo. the way Ami is looking at her dad just pure love and adoration. Its kind of like she was posing but really wasnt, I think she was being a bit cheeky but it was captured perfectly.

No before you ask I did not drop the baby. I was bouncing hm up and down (which he loves). My husband is really happy as he is going to turn of the camera I reckon. 

I love how in thos photo Ami and Pants both have their hands in there mouths, Ami looks extra cute. Little bear was just doing that baby look, flying through the air and not a care in the world. 

A cross face from me or worried I am not so sure. My husband looks like he has taken a hit to the face but at least Pants was ready for the photo/

See it is hard to get a photo of 5 people but sometimes the outtakes are funny and sometimes cute. They may not be the perfect finish but I love them all the same.


  1. These are really lovely photos, like you say they capture your family so much more than a posed photo!

  2. What a really great way to capture lots of different moments of your family - beautiful photos. And it's funny, but because I have been reading your blog so long now, I am really see your kids grow up in front of my eyes :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo :) x

  3. They are lovely pics the natural photos are the best :) #PoCoLo