Wednesday 17 September 2014

Back to school hairstyles with H&A

Well the interesting part with having a boy at school is the different hairstyles, theres a plait, a braid, ponytail you name it he wants it. I jest my eldest who has just turned 8 has one hairstyle. Well two there is another look where he puts half a tub of gel in his hair and combs it over leaving the back like a birds nest very interesting look. 

So here is Pants school look, he says its the windy look that only can be achieved whilst running. He does have crazy hair that is sometimes very hard to contain the the morning. Thankfully we were sent a little hamper from H&A for back to school hair treats. Ami was over the moon and loved her princess towel and all the other goodies. Especially the detangler spray in which she has used alot. She has very curly hair which often is very matted in the mornings, the spray has helped tame the mane,

Our morning tip is to make sure most thing is sorted the night before and do not leave the lid of the gel  undone as it may get abused as we have had by both the 8 year old and the 2 year old. This is not what you need when you are about to leave for work and you are cleaning a toddlers hair that is coated in hair gel and spray.

Ami with her spray

Also you lovely people just letting you know H&A are hosting a twitter party on the 18th of September at 1pm. Use the hashtag #kidshaircare to find out more and see other peoples advice. 

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