Monday 22 September 2014

Getting ready to move

If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed I am not always on time for things, that I am scatty and a bit all over the place (ok a bit OTT but you get my drift) so on my radar I have the big thing of moving house in 10 days!!!


Ok I don't need help I just need to be organised.

How does one start to do that though? No My usual moving involved a few black sacks and not alot of furniture, I was a single mum then most of the stuff was toys and clothes (ok not alot has changed).  We have a bit more techy bits and another three bodies since we moved last. So I have wrote a list, then I got lost then I am back at square one. Write a list of what to do first. Oh dear!

A huge part doesn't want to move, I love where we live. We are 2 mins from a beautiful beach, we have a cinema in local walking distance that shows for £2,50 all the latest films. My sons school is a few mins walk along with the nursery, but sadly we need the space. This two bed flat was idea for just two of us 5 years back but add everyone else it can be chaotic at times.

So here I am getting ready (or pretending too) to move. If you have any help or advice leave me a comment PLEASE.

brought a note pad and everything


  1. When we moved with our daughter, I got loads of cardboard boxes from Homebase. I packed each room and labelled each box with the name of the room so that we knew where they needed to go when we arrived at the new house. Wish I'd had someone else to do the packing and unpacking though! Good luck with the move.

  2. I love moving because it is like a big clear out of all the stuff you want to go through and sort but you don't and you keep putting it off to do later. But moving you can't do that. When we moved two weeks before I gave birth I literally had the biggest clear out of everything. I went through each room and thought what do I need and what do I never use or want anymore same with closets and drawers and kids stuff too. Charity shop it all or if you are organized ebay the lot! Happy moving. Hope it goes smoothly. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Aw what a shame you don't want to move but need the space! Sorry I don't have any specific advice but didn't want to read and run! x x