Thursday 20 March 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful: March

I havent taken part in this for along time, I do miss it will try and make more of an effort to look at what I am thankful for and what makes me feel so blessed. Life is sometimes busy and sometimes not so must not forget the small things, for it is these that build into the big things, 

1) Just got back from Parents evening and my son is doing so well and is above average. Always a relief when you hear that and although he can be disruptive and loose concentration easily he is a delight to teach. He was so pleased it went well he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Last parents evening at his infant school that sounds scary. 

2) Ami has turned into even more of a comedy legend lately, she comes out with some hilarious antidotes and is forever making us laugh. She has the most crazy big smile that is just so so funny to see. She is very head strong but also alot of fun, she knows what she wants and when she wants it. 

3) Little bear has started to sleep a little longer at night, after a few nights of hourly waking we now have had a few longer stretches. This is so nice makes me realise how different all my three have been the other two were sleeping alot longer by now. He is a lovely little chap so happy and cheerful then the next min very sad and crying. He is a lovely baby and I am trying to make the most of a baby that isnt on the move. 

4) Starting to feel a bit more normal not so baby brained. Nice to feel a little bit more like me and not just mum, me and my Husband shall hopefully go on a date night next week. Long awaited havent been out somewhere together since October. I do miss spending time together. 


  1. So lovely to see you joining us! Lovely reasons, very glad you have had positive teacher meetings, its always a relief xx

  2. well done to your son at school. sounds like Ami growing up fast. make the most of a stationary baby but I hope his sleep settles

  3. Lovely reasons =) Well done to your son! x

  4. Feel the pain on the date night front so hope that comes off and you have a wonderful time and remember to call each other something other than Mummy and Daddy. Your children sound like great and individual characters, bright too so all good. Have an awesome week

  5. Date night is such a great idea isn't it? My partner and I managed it last week, we went out to a Thai restaurant and it was great x