Tuesday 18 March 2014

Me and Little Bear

Little bear is now four months and is at that lovely stage of realising there is more to life than milk. Well sometimes that is all he wants but that's become more rare. He pulls the most funny faces that make me laugh so much. The other day I was trying out the camera and thought how well would it come out using the timer function. I sorted something out not sure how I did it and attempted to take some photos. I was to hold my hand out to see if we were in focus was very hilarious the camera was held up on a screwdriver (shows my skills). My friend laughed when she saw where I take most my photos usually in the bedroom my mini studio! So here is some shots of my and my baby boy, I do not like my photo being taken and would much rather take photos of the kids! Notice the first has sick all down the front very typical. 

Some days are so busy and some days so slow. Even if he is very clingy at the moment and wants to be held all the time its still great. I do not blame him he must feel safe from the pressure of being attacked by his sister with a toy. So here we are just me and him. 


  1. Sara your photos here are stunning. The middle one is a framer and should be blown up on your wall it's so lovely. What great moments you have captured and shared. You will have these to cherish forever. Great post, can't believe 4 months already. I think you just had the baby when I found your lovely blog. How time flies. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me I love getting to know more about you, your lil one and your lovely blog. #sharewithme

    1. thanks yes i have so many lovely photos to print lately

  2. Totally agree with Jenny- get the middle one framed! Gorgeous.

    Muma Leary. x

  3. Oh no - you are making me broody - gorgeous pics #sharewithme

  4. Such lovely pictures! Looking forward to reading more of your posts tonight :)


  5. Oh those are fab photos!! I love the first one, even with the sick!! :D

  6. First of all, those photos are just delicious. Secondly, four months is such a yummy stage too, they learn so much and perfect those adorable little personalities that start to shine through. Enjoy every second. Thanks so much for linking up to #madmidweekbloghop