Wednesday 5 March 2014

Ami your 19 months

It only seems like yesterday I wrote your last month update
Ami your 19 months
you are so independent and head strong
you know what you want

you are the funniest little girl
you love to dance and sing Happy and Happy Day
you ask everyone to join in
you can be very bossy

but with that bossiness you have the ability to make people smile
you have loved holding hands with strangers 
making friends with elderly dog walkers
chasing them to look at there dog dogs

you love to run and you are so quick
mum has to have you on the reigns as you love to jump of the curb
you learned to jumo this month and jump all the time
nothing is out of reach you can climb everything in our house

you learnt to pray and say the cutest Amen 
you are taking so much in we are so proud
even if your favorite word is no
you are a chatterbox and dont stop talking

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So Another month closer to being 2 its all going to quick
I love the stage you are at 
its beyond cute

We love you So So much Ami Bear


  1. Aw, lovely post. Time goes so quickly, nice to remember each stage along the way.

  2. Really sweet! She looks a real bundle of fun - much like my 16 mth old (see today's post on GIGGLES!)


  3. Cute :) Time goes so fast. Before you know it they are 16 :S #PoCoLo

  4. One of the things I love about PoCoLo is seeing how the children have grown over the year :) Ami is getting so grown up! Thank you for linking up x

    1. I know :'( she is soon 2 time is going by far too fast!