Monday 10 February 2014

Bath time fun with H&A - Finding Nemo Bubbly bath Review

It’s the best time of the day especially if you are a toddler. The sound of the taps running is enough to get little feet even more frantically excited. My toddler absolutely loves bath time and is often found hovering next to the bathroom longing for someone to go and run a bath. So with all that we have been reviewing H&A  Finding Nemo bubbly bath, the best product for a toddler who loves a bath.

One thing we have found with the character bubble bath is that they can be harsh on a toddler's skin. My daughter suffers with eczema and often has cracked skin so a bubble bath that is hypoallergenic is music to my ears. Her skin hasn’t reacted to this product after a couple of uses either which is a relief. Another benefit is that it has a leak free cap, many a time I have gone in the bathroom to find bubble bath poured over the bathroom floor, or in the bath. It can be such a waste of money when you have paid good money for some bubble bath.

Some of the great things about the Finding Nemo Soft and Gentle Bubble bath is that its

  • ·        Dermatologically Tested
  • ·        Hypoallergenic
  • ·        Paediatrician Approved
  • ·        Suitable from Newborn
  • ·        Tear Free

We also liked the smell not so overpowering like many other bubble baths. The design is very catching the type you know when in the supermarket and your child spots it and asks repeatedly for you to buy it for them. We have loved reviewing the bubble bath… Well Ami especially (Daddy wasn’t impressed with the water on the floor) if she is having fun we are happy parents!

All my children love bath time so we would love to be bath time fun squad. It is found in most supermarket and retails at a reasonable price for a bubble bath.  This is our entry to the Tots 100/H&A bathtime fun squad competition. Disclaimer:  We were sent the bubble bath in return for a review and chance to become a member of the bath time fun squad.


  1. Lol, Max always crawls frantically towards the bathroom when he hears the taps running! The H&A range looks perfect for his sensitive skin. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. What gorgeous photos!! :)
    Thanks for linking up this week