Tuesday 4 February 2014

Ami you are 18 Months!

Ami you are 18 months!

Ami you are officially no longer a baby
you have grown up so much
and forever changing

You have learn lots of words and now such a chatterbox
you started to say little sentences 
and even now speak to strangers
your favorite words being in there and on there

You have love going for walks 
even sitting on the floor when you have had enough
when you wake up first thing is ask to put on your coat and shoes 
and then bring everyone else there shoes!

You are very bossy and enjoy bossing your big brother around
first thing you do when you wake is ask for him
then all day you ask for him
you just love having him around

You still love your food
and eat nearly everything put in front of you
you love a good hot dinner 
and still do not like being fed and doing it all your self

You love bath time especially with Pants 
you like to splash and get more water out of the bath than in
you also can hear if anybody else is in the bath
and shout until they let you in!

You have learned to jump 
and you no longer walk you hop and prance 
and even run 

You make us laugh so so much 
your such a special little girl
We love you loads Ami 


  1. Wow you have some really great photos there! LP, who is 4 now, likes being bossy too!

  2. Thanks, i do try to remember to use the DSLR! Yes i feel her being the only girl with two brothers she is going to bosss them both around!