Friday 6 September 2013

Is your little one starting school? How to beat those first day nerves (for you and your child!) Guest Post from Galt Toys

Is your little one starting school? How to beat those first day nerves (for you and your child!)

For both parents and children alike, a child’s first day at school can be very nerve-wracking and highly emotional. For the little one, the prospect of spending the day with new people they don’t know, doing new, unfamiliar activities can be very daunting. For parents, especially mum, the prospect of spending the day apart from the little person you have enjoyed so much time with over the last few years wrenches at us from within. Unfortunately, without education, the world as it is would cease to be, and it is a necessary part of growing up and of life; a rite of passage if you like.

How can you beat those first day nerves for both of you?

For mum and dad:
Make a plan for how you will fill your time
Spending a day sat alone looking at a toy box or all the pretty pictures and creations your child has made you will only make you feel worse about your little one being absent, so you have to make a plan. If, like so many of us, you rarely get time to make your house immaculately tidy, today is the day! You may only have a half day initially, but it is amazing what you can get done. When was the last time you sat and read a book while drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee? Do it! Enjoy the time you have for yourself.

It’s OK to cry…
Your baby is no longer the needy little infant who suckled at the breast, relying on you for their sole nutrition any more, and it is a lot for you to deal with. It is absolutely fine to shed a few tears, whether publicly or privately. Most parents will share your sentiments and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Try not to appear too upset in front of your child though!

For you all:
Take advantage of previews and tours
When your child’s school offers you a look around, take it. Talk to the teachers, look around the classroom, and make sure you are comfortable with the place your child will be spending a large part of their time from now on. Go together with your child so you can talk about it afterwards and help you both prepare for the big day.

For your little one:
Make a big deal of preparing for school
Get them a new lunchbox, buy a nice pencil case, and tell them how fabulous their uniform looks when they try it on. Let them go for a walk in their new school shoes, perhaps practicing the school run. Build up excitement for the big day so they are looking forward, rather than looking toward school with fear and anxiety.

Talk about the fun they will have…
…and listen to their questions. Some children want to know what they might learn and do to help them relax, while others may ask questions to settle their nerves and get reassurance that all will be well.

You should try and make school work out to be a positive thing for the whole family. A child should look forward to attending, and you should make the most of your time (or the cheaper childcare if your little one was previously with a nanny or childminder – we all know how expensive it can be).

About the Author

This article was written on behalf of Galt Toys. Galt Toys have been manufacturing toys for over 175 years, and know a thing or two about toys…and having fun!


  1. I have sent 3 children off to school so far. They all coped brilliantly whilst I cried like a baby without fail. I am already lining up projects and hobbies for when I lose my youngest to school next September. Welling up at the thought.

    1. Me to I cried at every following assembly and sports day too! I never thought I would. I even missed pants when he went back to school this week couldnt wait till the school run!