Tuesday 17 September 2013

Ordinary moments - Sick days

Well as it happens my son was sick at school on his birthday therefore I had to go and collect him and then he had to have the next day of. As a rule I keep it as boring as possible to try and deter more sick days. I am one of those mums who sends there child in cough or cold maybe its something with being a nurse, mummy deals with actual sick people you will go to school!! So having to keep a perfectly well child at home is a little annoying, he was upset as he missed his new after school club too.

 Some days the two of my children play nicely Ami just wants to copy Pants and he lets her join in and this was one of these days. We started the day setting up a fish tank Pants got for his birthday, then making a den out of the sofa and playing lego out of reach of a nosy/ destructive 13 month old! Its days like this I am glad to be a mum, I love watching them play especially it makes my heart melt. So this is my ordinary moment being a mum to two crazy children, two children who love each other to bits and Pants doesnt care that he has a sister who is 1 he loves taking care of her and often being told of by her as he tries to help her from danger. Its a nice time soon there will be another little person in the mix and the dynamics may change but I for now enjoy these little moments that make me happy!

We set up Pants fish tank he cant wait to get some fish now!

Giving your brother a kiss !

Not the best den but they loved it!

Playing with Lego 

Brother gets down from table she gets up to try and steal the lego!!

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  1. Aw bless them, they look like they are having fun. And I agree with the going to school thing, I think they should go in with the odd sniffle. It's good for the immune system! ;)

    1. yes my mum never let us have a day of! she was always more ill than we were! thanks for hosting!

  2. Aww looks like they had lots of fun!!