Monday 1 April 2013


I had met Matt in the summer and got to know him and yes really like him. He lived in Sidcup and I 65 miles away but regardless we carried on. I thought he was very handsome (still do) will his dark yet graying hair dark skin and hairy (strange I know). he is also very funny and always making me laugh!

Matt worked at my church two days a week doing media stuff and working on any videos they needed etc, so we used to see each other from Sunday to Tuesday  He was amazing with pants, pants loved him so much! we had been dating a little while and I had been suggesting getting married to test the waters. We had only been together 5months but some how felt so right. Then one day me and pants were moving house, So Matt had a great idea he would take me and pants to a play park in Minnis bay! I love minnis bay i grew up there as a child so have so many happy memories there. So he says lets go for a walk im like ok if we have to. So he takes me to this spot were we had been one of our first dates and we had seen 8 shooting stars (Matt said it was were he realised he wanted to spend his life with me!).

 I was busy playing with pants, when I turn around I see written on the wall "Sara will you marry me, please"  I was shocked and said yes! He had told me he wrote please because that was good manners, hes such a joker. He apparently been waiting for ages  with champagne in the boot waiting for the right time. Then we got married 7months later but thats a different moment to share another time :)



  1. Ah, that's lovely! Made me all teary! Popped over from Magic Moments!

    1. Ha thanks sorry you read the un editted version before the spelling mistakes were corrected! x

  2. awww thats such a lovely lovely post and a cracking #magicmoment, thanks for linking up again i love reading x