Wednesday 17 April 2013

The Gallery - Youth

Oh dear what a subject! Ive gone for my youth as i suppose everyone else will too It makes me cringe but its a good laugh to look back! As a teenager i loved drama and loved being center of attention  i was actually talking to my husband yesterday who couldn't believe me when i told him about me at school! ive added two photos as most other photos just make me think "Sara what were you doing". I was a huge rebel growing up and feel very sorry for my parents to what a pain i was! oh dear! (my husband would say im still a pain!!)

This was me in the purple some kind of play in class! Oh dear how embarrassing

This was another me on the stage in some play! oh dear!


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  1. great pics and I admire your confidence, I am NOT a centre of attention person.

    1. No im not now I lost alot of confidence when I had pants :)

  2. these are fab pcitures Sara :-)

  3. Looks like you had fun! Good memories !?