Thursday 28 February 2013

being a mum

Some days i just love being a mum, i love everything about it! School runs also! but other days i could easily hop on a plane go somewhere hot! some days it can be a relief just to go to work! although i haven't been to work for 8months as on maternity leave! am actually looking forward to going back! i was chatting to some mum friends of mine and they were saying that they liked work as they get an hour break and no changing nappies or looking after someone! i thought lucky them i go to work do exactly what i do at home but on a adult scale! the highlights of being a nurse!

Anyway I do love my children very much they cause me much delight! they are both so different and funny! Pants is very outgoing, very noisy, cheeky but defiantly not boring! very clever not sure where he got that from! its sad when a 6 year old has to show you how to do things on a ipod! and Ami just as sweet shes just starting to develop a personality she already seems very chilled out very much like her dad!

my day goes like this wake up to either husbands alarm/ Ami crying/ pants shoving ipod in my face asking me to download him a game! i then get Ami feed her whilst trying to get my husband to wake up so i don't have to quickly make the packed lunches  or the forcing pants to get dressed bribeing him with nuttella on toast as a reward for getting dressed! by this time Ami is bored of staying in bed! wants to explore elsewhere so of we go into our lounge! i then pick up the carnage from pants! and my husband takes pants to school! most days something is forgotten book bag/lunch box/ scooter!
this is all before 9am

what joy but then i wouldnt change it! ive been a mum since i was a teenager its all ive known i never had those care free years of being an adult, spending all day in bed! not having to sort childcare out if i want to do anything on my own!  that's the dream! one day when the kids are adults i shall have my time then! i plan to do alot of missionary work maybe we will take the kids with us! i dont know what the future holds but i do know god has some awesome plans for us! so if were still blogging i hope you enjoy the ride!

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