Thursday 21 February 2013

Womens collective table question fun!

Tonight I spent my night cutting out questions for a womens collective event this coming Saturday. Yesterday I sat through one born every minute and tried to come up with ice breaker questions! Were doing a speed coffee morning where people can meet new friends and get to know new people in the church etc! Sounds very WI although not sure womens collective (wc) is better!
Anyway forty questions they are rather random such as... Who was your favourite teacher? what was the toy you allways wanted? What is your happiest moment? Those type of questions! So rather than type them out and print them out in a business card way I made them in long strips (I saw the idea on a wedding table and thought it was intresting) the tables are named after cottages not my idea but I made the names up. Although they look rather more like pub names! Took a long Time cutting and punching stars and laminating but enjoyed it all the same!

Today as-well Amelie started to bum shuffling not sure this is good! Im happy her just sitting not getting into mischief! Aston only has a limited time to keep lego our before Amelie eats it!

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