Monday 25 February 2013

the long walk

So today decided to take a walk to our local surestart center where the health visitors do a baby clinic! My friend Jess and her boy Noah joined us! As we both purchased new strollers we thought wed test them out rather than drive! Jess has purchased the cosatto swift lite super stroller and me with my mothercare lolly pop stroller! 

 Aston school had a teachers training day so he had yet another day off! He was on his scooter! We got to the clinic at 3:04 four mins late! They had packed up and gone! After a 45 min walk which we only thought was 20 min walk in the cold we headed for the local coffee shop! Quick tea, cappuccino and biscuits we headed to the train station our intentions to get the train which we were 30 seconds to late for! Not a good day! So we had to walk even further home! It was so cold Aston had left his gloves in the cafe! he was so cold he was crying most the way home! but we got home eventually wasted day but hey all in all it was exercise! lol

Also started monday club! just cracked HTML thingys and tabs! take that to the husband (the computer whizz of the two of us!) 

Roll on the summer!
us in the cafe! 

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