Thursday, 8 September 2016

Teletubbies Po's Scooter and Helmet review.

Its funny when something from your childhood makes a big come back it seems to be happening a lot lately which is cool. My little ones love Teletubbies and we were thrilled to be asked to review the Po Scooter and Helmet. My little ones love to be on the move and never stop so it was perfect for them. The scooter is easy to put together and comes in three main parts, allan keys are provided in the box so after some gentle peer pressure from the kids I was off making the scooter. The Helmet also comes with a loop so you can look like Po (photo of the helmet at the end with Po attachment). 

What I didnt realise is that the Teletubbies scooter came with some sounds too, in the garden I could hear this little voice and the kids laughing. There was me wondering what the noise was and it was in fact the scooter, which has two little buttons that make some Po sound effects. The bottom of the scooter has a picture of Po on the Anti-slip foot plate. 

The Helmet and the scooter both has such bold and bright designs it will be hard not to be noticed when zooming around. All very iconic to the Teletubbies brand. The scooter has three wheels which are puncture proof too, the three wheels are perfect for little ones learning to ride a scooter for the first time as it does provide some stability. Son Son who is very confidant on a balance bike has yet to master a scooter this was perfect as it didn't keep on falling down and was always upright. 

The Helmet is great too in helping to keep your child safe whilst on the scooter. Helps your little one think they are just like Po too. The Helmet comes with adjustable straps, quick release buckle and a ESP liner for added comfort. It is also super light so they almost forget they are wearing it. My little ones often complain to wear helmets for a long time so this was an added bonus to that. The holes in the Helmet make sure its well ventilated but poor Son Son that boy can sweat for England so was helpful in that aspect. Last not to forget the most important part the Po antenna which can be removed   but looks cool on. 

My little ones have loved testing out the Po scooter and Helmet and has been a deffinite win in our house. The summer may be over but Autumn is a fantastic month to keep being active especially with a scooter at the park. 

The scooter Retails at £29.99 and the Helmet £24.99 and available at the following shops 

Very, Littlewoods, Tesco, TRU, Argos, Boots and Halfords


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