Tuesday 13 September 2016

Scootaheadz Dinosaur Timmy T Rex Review

There is one thing my children are really good at and its going really fast. Sometimes in the wrong direction but they love anything that aids it, that often involves scooters and bikes. We were recently offered the chance to review a Scootaheadz (see photo above). Son Son loves dinosaurs and he loves riding about. Sadly our scooter was to clunky for it to fit on but it fitted perfectly on Son Sons balance bike. Its so bright and cheerful makes his bike look super cool.

Attaching Timmy to the handle bars was a breeze the scootaheadz is made out of rubber so fits on to any T Bar handle bar. All it takes is three easy steps which are easy if you follow them. If your a rebel like me you will spend ages working it out then finding the packet and realising it was super easy to put on. A top tip is to wait till the Scootaheadz is room temperature or warmer as it is easier to put on.

Son Son loved it and kept on roaring like a Dinosaur (if they did nobody knows). I think it makes the balance bike look much more personalised. It came off once sprung our trip only because of a jealious older sister who wanted it on her bike. The Scootaheadz is made for scooters which makes a scooter look much more cool than before. Its not just dinosaur Scootaheadz you can get a horse and unicorn design too. All the designs are just as bright and colourful too. 

Scootaheadz retail at £14.99 and are available online and now at most larger toy shops. We personally love it well me and Son Son that is. Ami is rather Jealous she doesnt have one. Might have to buy her the unicorn one to keep hr quiet. 

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