Sunday 21 February 2016

Week of Photos 15th Feb - 21st Feb

Monday 15th - Bat spiderman

We had a chilled out day at home, with it being the first day of the half term we kept it low key. This was Son Son enjoying being a super hero rather than a princess for a change. 

Tuesday 16th - Train Journey Fun

We decided to go to Herne Bay on the train with my sister and her boys. The kids had a good time and even ended up in the arcade. Was nice to waste the day and it not be too pricey either (minus the arcades). We ended the day with a trip to costa coffee as per usual! 

Wednesday 17th Feb - Mote Parking

My husband said lets go out for the day so we did. The first time I have been to mote park and I have to say we did enjoy it. It was a little chilly in the park but great for the children to get some fresh air and my biggest child too ( see photo above). We took our swimming stuff and went to the pool at the park. Whilst we were there the fire alarm went and we were evacuated by the sid of the pool. They had to bring foil blankts to keep us warm. We ended the day in good old Maccy D's which is rather pricy with a growing family of five! Lovely day all in all. 

Thursday 18th Feb - Work Joy

I was at work all day, I shared this picture from the day before as I didn't get round to taking any photos! Doh

Friday 19th - Cat Lady

Another super busy day at work where I worked 13.5 hours with no break crazy got home super late too. Some of the perks of being a nurse I suppose. Saw this cup and it reminded me of one of my friends. 

Saturday 20th - Fun Day

We popped along to the Lark in the Park fun day event which is held by my church as part of its outreach events. Was very popular and great fun, everything was free and the kids had a whale of a time. Such a blessing to the community and to me, you can feel like you have spent a fortune in the holidays. 

Sunday 21st - Son Bear Snuggles

Nothing bets a cuddle with your baby right. I have hurt my back some how so was nice to chill out with my youngest. Chilled out day we haven't done too much. Ami broke the washing machine which is always helpful. Kids aye who'd have em. 

So another week flying by. 

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