Thursday 25 February 2016

Getting back into the Garden

I have always wanted a garden a proper one with grass and everything so when we moved to this house 18 months back I kind of hoped it would come naturally. Having grown up in flats and courtyards all this grass and plants is completely new to me. It is really lovely to just open the doors and just go outside to a safe place is actually wonderful. I kind of forgot all about it over the winter complaining to be too cold. 

The weather is warming (some days anyway) and we have been in the Garden. The kids were overjoyed and ran straight outside as I opened the conservatory door. Well that was more the toddlers Asti just strutted outside like cool Nine year olds do. Our garden is surprisingly warm especially on sunny days so the children were happy in just T shirts. I was in a jumper I am far too much of a wimp to not feel cold.

This year we are going to get into gardening, me and Asti are making a plan and we will learn ( hopefully). My past experience of gardening is awful I am completely hopeless but need to learn. I cut the gradd which was rather long so thats a start I suppose  There is alot of weeds and other things that I have no clue and its about time. My husband isn't too keen either. I have made a bit of a start I sorted all the broken toys that have broken and put them to one side for the tip. I have also brought a kids garden table and a broom... not getting that far at all really.

The children love to be outside and it does them good, with the weather brightening up there is no excuse not too go outside. If I can get the little ones on board even better I am sure nothing will stop them from getting involved. They love a bit of messy play and a bit of mud is perfect for that. Just need to get over the fact thats there are lots of little bugs and spiders even worse are the bees that come from nowhere. So here is to more Sunny warm days and more time in the garden.

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