Monday 15 February 2016

My Week of photos - 8th - 14th Feb

So this week I had put the photos together as a collage as blogger was being a massive pain. 

Monday 8th - Baking

We spend a morning in making cakes and messy play. Was a lot of fun and has showed me how far I have come from being alot care free when they make things. The bottom middle shows how much fun they had. 

Tuesday 9th - Pancake day 

Obviously we had plenty of pancakes, the middle photo is the pancakes I made for the toddlers. We also went to an pancake party where the kids had far too much sugar. 

Wednesday 10th - Bath Fun

So my little ones decided to have a bath in the day in there swimming costumes. Sonny also wore his sunhat, they did love it though. 

Thursday 11th - Glorious Skies

The skies have been beautiful come early evening, really hitting hard that the evenings are getting lighter, a few times this week I have lost track of time thinking it was earlier than it was. 

Friday 12th - Haircut Times

My eldest son got his hair cut, type know the hair do where its al shaved at the side. he was rather impressed apparently 11 girls at school asked him out. 

Saturday 13th - Crazy toddlers

We took the little ones to Canterbury where they were so excited and out of control. The top middle is some of the things we got whilst there. 

Sunday 14th - Valentines Day

Top Left - I worked the late shift at work and it was so so busy. The kind of shift where you need a few more people working with you. You are doing the best you can but not getting anywhere. Came home to a lovely cooked dinner from my husband which was lovely and well needed. 

So here is another week flown by, I have been rather busy so have had no time to blog. Or the time I have had its been watching tv and generally slobbing out on the sofa. 


  1. think we all need time to slob out occasionally. Laughed at the one of them in the bath, who says bath has to be bed time?
    I never minded my kids making a mess cooking but hated a mess with paints and crafting stuff.

  2. I love that t.shirt you picked up! I would totally wear that as an adult!! Bathtime looks like great fun :) The photo of the sky looks absolutely beautiful, those colours are stunning. Happy week :)