Sunday 21 February 2016

Oh how we love World Book Day.

Do not get me wrong I love books and all things reading but world book day just makes me angry. Ok it was cute back when my son was in reception, he was into owl babies back then so made him a little outfit and that was that. Now five years later here we are world book day is coming up. The day where the school wants you to dress your child up yet again for the 50th time of the year already.

My son is 9 years old and to him he is very cool (this may not be true but he has a lot of confidence). He hates dressing up. I mean hates it you have to force him with a cattle prod and a promise of a pop tart for breakfast. He has been a tudor and a 60s school boy and they were hard work. You see my son adores reading, he is a right little bookworm. He will deny it to your face but spends hours at night reading, even so I have forgotten to tell him to turn the light of and come to bed late to find him reading at 11pm still. Opps.

So in preparation I thought I would get in there early, you know soften the blow get him involved. This is how it went down.

Me: Asti, Soon its world book day what you going to be?
Asti: Oh mum not again I don't want to dress up.
Me: But Asti you have to.
Asti : Oh man (he is going through a phase thinking he is American)
Me: Come on it will be fun, you like reading why not go as that Wimpy Gates Kid?
Asti: Urm Mum its Greg from Diary of a wimpy kid.
Me: Thats settled you go as him.
Asti: Oh ok then.

So as you can see he was rather excited by it all. I have started to look into the ideas and thankfully its as easy as a white top and making a face mask. Well I say easy I am not always the best at these things? Remember Asti's birthday cake last year? You know the minecraft one that was awful? Well tune in a few weeks to see how it all turns out!!!

To conclude this rather Random post!!

Schools stop forcing dressing up days on my children please. Its bad enough I have to remember reading books let alone a dressing up day, non clothes day and what else is on the schools agenda that week.

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