Saturday 28 November 2015

Portable North Pole Review

We have been fans of the Portable north pole for a few years now,  well except two years ago when we made our son very upset by saying that he was on the naughty list. We hoped that it would help to buck up his behaviour we were not prepared for a melt down.

If you haven't heard of the PNP its a website/ app that offers you the chance to get either a video or a phone call with father Christmas. I have always found them to be the best quality around and all my children have loved them. The app is free and gives you two free videos to choose from.

The best thing about PNP is the fact that they are customised to your child. Photos can be added and the right pronunciation of your child's name too, which is help. when you start you get a series of questions to get you started. The questions are ones like your child's age and gender. Then more detailed questions about your child.

I have to admit that the video that was created was rather fab, the father Christmas in the video is top class, the story in the video is first class too. The other option to try out the video call is something you can do to encourage your child before Christmas or even use it s a threat if needed. The children loved hearing Father Christmas say there name. Made it extra special.

There is two free videos you can create with the website/ app and a ton of other packages to download starting form £5.99 for a unlimited call bundle to £9.99 which gives you unlimited video and call access.

I also did an adult video for the husband who the kids were more impressed with, they found it funny when Father Christmas committed on Daddys beard.

All in all a top Christmas App to download, really adds to the fun of it all. My only issue was my eldest finding the app and saying oh I see where you did the videos then, doh. He is very sceptical about Father Chrstimas this year.

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