Monday 9 November 2015

Life in the Fast lane - Autumn

Sorry guys I have neglected this little blog lately. I have been ill and not had the heart to sit down and write anything at the end of the day. I am a lot better now but have been busy busy busy with work and life and just so so tired. I think I had glandular fever but had trouble getting to the doctors so I gave up trying. I think its the nurse in me that refuses help when ill. 

Life has gone so quick lately can not believe were nearly at Christmas and were not ready. Here is some pictures of some Autumn adventures we have been on. Late nights at the park, soggy walks in the country and foggy walks at the seaside. 

The toddlers have been loving Autumn this year, kicking the leaves and forever forcing me to stash leaves in my bags and pockets. My eldest has had enough of me harping on about the different colour leaves. I really have loved the different colours this year its like I have never noticed it before. I never understood all the fuss but this year it was if my eyes were opened. I noticed all the beauty around us, it has been a wonderful Autumn.

We had a lovely few days at the In laws in Norfolk, they live in the middle of nowhere and we literally did nothing for a few days. It was good to not have plans sit around drinking hot tea whilst the children play. They loved it just as much as my husband had been away it was the first time we had been all together for a long time.

Below is a picture from our really long dog walk. My husband fell down a ditch and we got a bit lost. Thankfully the dog knew the way home and we got in the warm again. The kids were covered in mud but happy.

 Hopefully will get back on the blogging ball, Ive been wondering where I am wanting to go with this little blog. I am unsure I love writing but fail to find the time to do a good job a lot of the time. Maybe this blog will not be as regular as before and more of a diary of my little family who knows. My last photo is me and Ami walking home the other day it was so foggy and strange. She loved it though it did take us along time but nice to spend some time as us girls. She kept on singing "Best Friends forever" Very sweet.

SO that is us for the time being lots of adventures outside before it gets too cold.

Life Unexpected


  1. What great photos! Looks like the kids had a great time. I love it when kids have fun playing outdoors. Hope you feel better soon. #bestandworst

  2. Oh bless hope you feeling better. I had glandular fever and it sucks. We have had a beautiful autumn haven't we? You have some gorgeous piccys. I can't get over Christmas being on its way!! Thanks for linking with #bestandworst and see you soon xx

  3. Hope you are feeling a bit better. My mummy is in the same boat as you, she's knackered all the time and works full time. I wonder how we find the time to blog! Beautiful pictures x #Whatevertheweather

  4. Sorry to hear you haven't been well, hope you're feeling much better now. It's definitely hard to find time to blog, particularly if you are working and then need to fit in family time too. Some gorgeous photos, you have definitely been enjoying the outdoors this autumn! So sweet that your daughter was singing best friends forever with you, kids can be very cute.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x

  5. I really hope you're feeling better. Sometimes I lack motivation to blog too, sometimes you do just need a little break. It should be something to enjoy so don't worry about having a break. I adore your pictures, it looks like you've had some lovely adventures together and you've really been enjoying autumn. Christmas really is creeping up fast isn't it, where has this year gone!!! Thank you so much for linking to #whatevertheweather. x

  6. Life really is going at record speed isn't it? Autumn is a beautiful season you have enjoyed it well. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme