Saturday 27 June 2015

Son Son You are 19 months

This post is a Little late (10 days) but 19 months WOW.
We are now closer to two than one which is a little scary. 
You have become such a happy little boy and can be such a joy.

You have had a busy month, you have been on holiday been to a festival and camping. 
Both which you loved. 
It took a week but by the end you loved the water. 
You have even started to tolerate baths. 
You loved to go down the flumes and screamed more when we got to the end.

You finally started talking,
you say most little words and it is mostly us that knows what you mean.
The other day when you noticed Daddy was gone you said "Matt Gone" it was hilarious.
When we ask you to say something you get cross and try to hit us! 

You love the freedom of walking and kick of when put back in the pushchair.
You still wander in the road and haven't quite the confidence of the pavement as your sister did at a similar age. 

You love your siblings and follow Ami round everywhere.
You love to take her down and always try to cuddle her.
You also like to play with Asti and like to chase him around.
Being the youngest is hard for you as your siblings get cross when you wreck their games.
You are learning play too you love cars and trains is very sweet to watch. 

You love to dance and to make music. 
If we say dance Son Son you love it and clap yourself at the end. 
You even sand Let it go well you sang "GOOO" in the tune, 
that was good enough for me. 

You still sleep well and often wake when Ami does.
So if Ami has a lie in so do you, but sadly she hardly ever does. 
You still love a long nap in the day even at nursery the other day you slept for 2 hours. 
You love to go to bed and like to take Ami her drink then you toddle of to your cot. 
We arnt moving you into a bed anytime soon its far to cute coming and getting you out of bed every morning. You are our baby and I am not ready for a bed for you for at least another year at least. 

You are very cheeky, 
sometimes you hit people on purpose and find it funny. 
We tell you off and you laugh at us. 
We arnt sure why, you still love throwing things!
If its in your hand we know you will aim and chuck it.
You can deffo stick up for your self but not quite yet won against Ami yet. 

You eat well and finally this month ate some grapes at nursery. 
I am hoping the other children eating fruit will broaden your horizon from bananas and raisins.
You still love food and love and food that has a lot of sauce. 
The complete opposite to Ami. 

Son Son you are a delight and we love you lots. 


  1. My lg turned 19 months yesterday anan is exact the same with her pram. She just wants to run around all the time lol. Same with the hitting. Cheeky Monkeys! Xx

    1. ha oh dear glad its an age thing easy to forget what the other siblings were like at the same age

  2. What a lovely post and such sweet photos of your little man! x

  3. He is such a cutie pie. Sebby is 2 and still doesn't say much so he is doing very well.

  4. Lovely post and your son sounds a little fun character. It must be hard being the youngest and wanting to catch up - if not overtake - his siblings. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  5. Great photos and a lovely post. I totally agree keep him in the cot for as long as possible ;0) #SSAmazingAchievements

  6. You really do have some gooooorgeous photos! Little man is a cutie. Scary how quick they grow isn't it?

  7. as what a little man he is turning into x sweet