Tuesday 30 June 2015

Me and Mine June

I love June its one of my favourite months, I think because its when the weather starts to get warmer and it is also so light. I am also sad because its over literally where has that month gone? We have had yet another busy month. We have been on holiday to France and Camping, we've had a D&V bug  and both me and my husband both been crazy busy at work. Its been a good month though and roll on another fave month July. We also went to Disneyland which was so much fun. See I said we had been busy! 

This month Daddy is loving: 
Going on holiday with the family. 
Enjoying the Sun and being outside. 
Lots of work.
Enjoyed working on a chat show.
Clearing the conservatory and using it to work in. 

This month Mummy is loving - 
All the fun we had on Holiday and going to Disneyland
Spending lots of time on the beach
Daddy being at home and not working away. 
Enjoyed camping well cheating staying in a cabin. 

This month Asti is loving- 
Holidays and surprise trips to Disney 
Learning how to use a diablo and learn proper tricks.
Bike rides and crabbing.
Minecraft games and swimming.

This month Ami is loving- 
Obviously seeing the Princess castle at Disneyland and waving at all the princesses. 
Going to the beach a lot. 
Going to the bakery before nursery (bad habit)
Having Daddy home. 
Loving swimming and bowling on holiday.

This month Son Son is loving - 
Being able to talk a bit more. 
Following and cuddling Ami.
Freedom to walk a bit more and not cooped up in the pushchair. 
Its a small world ride at Disneyland was Son Son's fave.
Becoming cofident in the water.

Like I said a very busy month, but it was such fun. Heres to another busy yet hopefully sunshine filled month.


  1. Wow! Disneyland! Love your family snap with Magic Kingdom in the background :) Hope you had a fab time x

  2. I'm always a sucker for a beach portrait and a Disney portrait, so you get mega bonus points this month!!! Sounds like a busy but lovely month, and gorgeous photos to show for it. x

  3. Definitely a month of extremes!! I looks like you had a wonderful time at Disney :)

  4. I am so jealous. What an amazing month you've had. Disneyland, beach, staying in a cabin. HEAVEN! :-D xxx


  5. So jealous! What great photos xxx

  6. What lovely pictures and family memories :) #mmwbh