Friday 12 June 2015

Kid O Go Car Review

My Son Son loves cars, he loves to make the noise beep beep and drive them around. So when we were asked to review this car I knew he would be overjoyed to play with it. The car is called Kid O Go Car from Great Gizmos and it is the perfect size for any toddler. I love the colour nice and bright and caught Son Son's attention straight away. 

Son Son loves playing in the garden and loved playing with his new car. He took it down the slide, through the sand and generally chucked it around like he does most of his toys. I have to say from our play in the garden it did not have hardly any damage just a few scratches where he dragged it along the floor. The shape of the car is perfect for toddlers to carry or push along. It can encourage fine motor skills and confidence whilst playing. Its a great toy for encouraging imagination and learning through play. 

The car costs £11.95 which is reasonable for most pre school toys, when I saw the box I didn't think it was going to be big but actually was medium sized, perfect for my son son. I often tend to buy wooden toys for son bear but he hardly ever plays with them, they also are heavy and easily thrown by him causing damage, the fact that its made from plastic means less hard for us and hard wearing.

If you like the look of the Kid O Go Car take a look on there website and see all the other amazing toddler toys they have too.


  1. Ha agree with you on the throwing wooden toys lol. Looks fantastic. Haven't heard of these before! Thanks for sharing

  2. Aww! That is so cute.....He looks like he is having a great time x