Thursday 4 June 2015

Guest Post - Spring Clean Check list

Today I have a lovely guest post all about spring cleaning from the lovely Samantha at Coco Butter Blog , if your house is anything like mine at the moment (Full of cobwebs) then this is perfect.

Spring Cleaning Checklist
As it’s spring (well, almost summer) it’s time to do a big clean. Yes, it’s time to do all those jobs that you don’t usually get time to do when your cleaning time is filled with hoovering, washing pots and cleaning the bathroom. I sometimes find it hard to remember which bits I need to do when I’m doing a really big clean and so here’s my spring clean checklist to help…
  • Clean out the cupboards and throw away any out of date tins (we all have them!)
  • Wipe the cupboard doors
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Empty the crumbs from the toaster
  • Clean out the bin
Living room
  • Clean the skirting boards
  • Dust in the ceiling corners and the tops of the lightshades
  • Wash sofa and cushion covers and hoover underneath the covers
  • Put away winter clothes and this is a good excuse to get rid of some stuff. Give things to charity, swap them with friends or sell them on Ebay, if you’ve not worn something for a year then get rid of it! Imagining filling up your wardrobe with lots of lovely new clothes will make this easier…
  • If you’ve got storage under the bed go through this and get rid of anything you don’t need

  • Deep clean the shower. I usually use the daily shower shine spray every time someone has a shower but every now and again they need a really deep clean to get rid of any grime!
  • If you have cupboards in your bathroom have a sort through these and check that your make-up and beauty products are still in date. If they’re out of date then throw them away to save space!

And some other things not to neglect…

  • Carpets
  • Insides of windows
  • Mirrors

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  1. Good list, going to have to bookmark for next time I have a spare weekend.