Monday 25 May 2015

Were going to France with Eurocamp

This time next week we shall be on our Eurocamp holiday. Its all very exciting and a bur scary as I haven't really given it much thought. I wanted to get the camping out the way first before thinking about holidays. So with that 6 days before we head to Dover and a lovely holiday (hopefully), in fact our first ever holiday just the five of us. That does seem a little bit strange, we have only ever been with family or friends. I am looking forward to some much deserved family time and a lot of memories.

I have done a mound of post camping washing to make sure its dry for the weekend and tomorrow will start the million lists, but I am so looking forward to evenings with the hubby and days by the pool. We're of to La Croix Du Vieux Point, which is about 2 and a Half hours drive from Calais and we may even fit in a trip to Disneyland as its only a 90 minute drive. It's very exciting.

It will be good fun, there's lots of toddler clubs and activities for them as its term time. We also look forward to staying in a. They look a lot of fun. At the park we are staying at there is the opportunity to stay in tree houses but with three adventurers I am sure it would be more hard work. Maybe a idea for when the kids are older. 

The kids love swimming so I just imagine that's the gist of our holiday. We went on a similar holiday last year in France so know what to expect in terms of food. We will take basics and then find a supermarket in France and buy bits we need, like pastries and cake. There's something fun about going round a foreign supermarket. The resort has its own little supermarket too for when we get stuck which has a lot of fresh bread and even more pastries.

The weather will be very similar to here but maybe a touch more warmer and you never know we may get a heat wave. My sister is flying to egypt at the same time, she will come back with a crazy tan and I will look like I have been away. Will have to get the fake tan out me thinks.

So heres to preparing our little holiday, making sure we have the pushchair unlike our last France holiday and having to buy a cheap one in France. We may one of the days take a trip to Disney Land we haven't made our minds up yet. We will see how they get on whilst there sometimes its good just to chill out as a family. I would like to go into Paris but not sure if it will be a bit manic what with two lively toddlers.

So if you have any tips on going on holiday and how to make the best of it then please let me know.

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