Thursday 21 May 2015

Checklist for camping with children

Camping with a family can a fun way of having a holiday with a lot of fun and the potential for it not to be so expensive. We have been camping a few times with a baby, toddler and child we believe if you are prepared you will be fine. We are camping this coming weekend and the weather forecast does not look good lots of rain. Although there is nothing more refreshing than hearing the sound of the rain against the tent when you are nice and warm inside.

Early mornings

One thing you need to be prepared for when camping with small children EVERYONE WAKES EARLY. Last time we went camping with our toddler she was up at 4:40am as it was so light outside! My tip is to keep them up till its dark to try and get them to sleep longer in the morning. Bring some toys to keep them entertained in the tent so you can have a bit longer in bed.

Be prepared for noise 

Being on a campsite there can be a range of people you may know and some you don't. We have had nights where young people have been drinking and end up running round the site. Not great when you can't sleep as it is. There is also noise from other peoples children/ snoring so maybe invest in some ear plugs.


Make sure you stay safe, take sun cream being outside for long periods a little sun can burn so be prepared. Warn older children about talking to strangers and discuss a boundary for them to play in. We camp by the woods and my son loves to build dens it can take ages to find him which can be a bit scary at times but it is great fun for him. Some campsites have fires which can still be hot in the morning and if you have toddlers sometimes you need eyes in the back of your head.

Enjoy the time together

With the mix of early starts, forever muddy feet and endless changes of clothes it can be alot of fun. I love to sit round a campfire and enjoy being under the stars not having much planned. Spending lots of time out doors is a great way to wear the kids out and make plenty of fun memories. 

What you need

  • Tent - need this if its going to rain
  • Sleeping bags, blankets, travel cot
  • Blow up mattress - much more comfortable than the floor! 
  • Food and little stove
  • baby food and milk, bottles, milton, bowls, spoons
  • Clothes, Plenty of pairs as will get mucky knees
  • Nappies oh year must not forget these bad boys!
  • Toys for kids and water gun - for extra sleep in the morning in the tent
  • Toiletries
  • pushchair/ sling for transport 
  • Sun cream and hats, you never know what the weather will do this weekend
  • Children must not leave them at home
  • Safety stuff, calpol, Plasters Sun cream

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  1. very timely checklist for us - we are going camping soon! x