Sunday 31 May 2015

Guest Post From Sneaky Veg Blog - Intro into Sneaky Veg

Hi, I'm Mandy from Sneaky Veg, a mum of three kids five and under from London. I blog about my mission to feed more fruit and veg to R, 5 and Little Miss R, 3.5. I also have a 4 month old baby, S, and am looking forward to embarking on another food journey with him soon.

Not so long ago R, the 5yo, would have shed tears at the sight of green bits of courgette skin in his cake and refused to eat a carrot and banana muffin. But things have steadily improved for us and he now happily tucks into a variety of different foods - and plenty of vegetable cakes of course! He surprised me recently by tucking into masala dosa at our local Indian restaurant, unfortunately this resulted in a few tears anyway and a shout of "Mummy, it's spicing my face!".

At the age of two things were a different story. He refused to eat any fruit of vegetables, or even touch anything with a sauce on it. Raisins and smoothies (from a carton or pouch, not homemade) were the only way I could get any fruit or veg down him. This inspired me to start Sneaky Veg - a blog of kid-friendly recipes that cleverly include lots of fruit and veg.

I've received some criticism about hiding fruit and veg in food by people who feel that you should serve up vegetables unhidden and eventually children will get used to them. However, if I didn't sneak fruit and vegetables into sauces, cakes, breads etc then there would be many days when both of my children would have no veg at all. Nowadays I'm always honest about what is in a dish so they know exactly what they're eating.

I've also been writing recipes which include no refined sugar and it seems that readers are interested in this too as two out of my three most popular recipes over the last month are sugar free.

Courgette and lemon cake 

Which goes to show that everyone likes a cake and that including vegetables (yes rhubarb counts as a vegetable) in baked goods is becoming more and more popular.

Thanks so much to Sara for having me as a guest poster on Mummy's little blog and I hope to see you all over at Sneaky Veg soon.

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  1. Thanks do much for featuring me Sara, hope you have a lovely holiday!