Thursday 14 May 2015

Funny toddler chat 31 months


Ami really is the most funny little toddler, she has us in creases most of the day. She has conifdence and isn't afraid to speak up her mind. I wonder where she gets it all from she's such a hoot. So here is some of little conversations I have remembered from this month.

Ami went to find Daddy who was in the shower. 
Ami: Daddy quick you need to put your pants on all your friends wear them too it's ok.

Ami: Why do I have a moo moo and not a willy like Asti and daddy
Mummy: Urm thats how you were made
Ami: Why

mummy: Ami I am going to tie your hair up now
Ami: no I don't like it and I look pretty already
Mummy: but it's in your face
Ami: no I'm not bye mum

Bed time 
Mummy: good night Ami
Ami: where am I going today (tommorow) 
Mummy: you have nursery in the morning.
Ami: no I am going to space 

Asti: Ami were going home
Ami: no we're not aston stop being a nana brain
Asti: Yes were going home
Ami: NO Thank you

This one happens every morning Amelie comes downstairs to find Asti watching his programs
Ami: Asti I want to watch my play grounds
Asti: No there called Programs
Ami: I want to watch my play grounds
Asti: No Ami I will make you a swimming pool
Ami: Only if you make a change area too
Asti: Deal
five minutes later
Ami: I want to watch my play grounds.

During her two year check
Health Visitor: We going to see what you can do, do you want to read this book
Ami: No
Health visitor: What is this Animal
Ami: No
Health visitor: Can you jump?
Ami: No Go away
Mummy; Ami thats rude say sorry
Ami: Sorry, can we go now.
Ami: Son Son can do all this but he can not talk, bye

Ami: what are you doing Mummy?
Mummy: Im folding the washing
Ami: folding the washing interesting.

after Reading a bedtime story
Ami: What are we going to do today? ( means tommorow)
Mummy: You have nursery, your going to see your friends
Ami: No I am not going
Mummy: Ami you like nursery.
Ami: No I am going swimming with Daddy and he is going to dive off the diving boards.
Mummy:Ok Ami good night.

Ami: I am going to play some music and we can dance
Son Son: Ball
Ami: No son son there is no Ballons
Son Son: Ball
Ami: Son Son Don't be a wally bob
falls on the floor laughing at her own joke!!

So here is a collection of Ami's Little conversations, I really must make more of a note as she is hilarious at the moment, its those times she catches us of guard and we are like wow she is awesome. 


  1. Oh such a lovely idea to capture the little funny things she says! This post made me all warm inside. You have quite a little character there : )

  2. Aww, lovely post, it was great to read about her chit-chat, she sounds a lot of fun.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  3. This is a lovely post to capture what your little lady says. I hope my lady chats like this x

  4. This is so cute. Our three-year-old says some similar things. My latest favourites being 'no, I'm going to drive' (our car!) and 'Daddy's got a furry bottom!!!' She also says 'I are' instead of 'I am'. #ShareWithMe

  5. Aw she sounds adorable. My little boy is starting to communicate more and more, I can't wait until he starts stringing sentences together and having proper conversations. #sharewithme

  6. I love toddler language and the crazy conversations they come out with, one liners and all around entertainment. This is so cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round #sharewithme