Friday 15 May 2015

Siblings - May

Being a mum to three children is a lot like being a referee, I am often splitting fights up and stopping little arguments. It is very rare that when they are all together they play nicely indoors. There is always one left out somewhere. When we go outside they get on a lot better, all three of my children do love to be outdoors which is good as I love it too. When they play in the garden they all dig or play with the sandpit and I can get a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea. 

It's not all shouting Gand hitting there are the times where Ami wants to hold Asti's hand along the road or son son gives Ami a massive cuddle, it's very sweet. When Asti is at school Ami and Son Son get on really all they play together often son son getting told off fo retouching her toys. Son son likes to share and always tries to cuddle her. She has never been cuddly so this does not end well for him. It oftens emds up with a clout to the head. They love getti Asti from school and they are so excited to see him. Ami and Asti play on the way home ami really enjoys this she follows him around and are happy till they get home. Son son and ami want to play with Asti but he wants to watch TV or do his old thing then they argue again. 

Hoping this will pass and they can start to be less loud (here's hoping). Having loud strong children can be hard work. Both Asti and ami are stubborn and know what they want, son son is a lot more chilled so tends to go with then flow. Each month were learning, each month they are changing. I best make the most of it as they do not stay like this forever. 


  1. I think I'm going to be in the refereeing in a few years time - at the moment if there's a divide it's the girls and Pip because he's still so little but my husband is one of three and I know he says there are two sides to that coin, there's always someone to play with, but there's often someone left out too. It's got its pros and cons, and hopefully not too many cons!

  2. So sweet, I love how excited they get to do school pick up. These are great pictures. Being referee is interesting, I try and encourage mine to sort it out amongst themselves but they are older. When the two toddlers fight, I always just try and teach the older one to be patient (as it's usually about sharing a toy) but he doesn't always find that easy being 2 himself haha. It's fun being a Mum, I wouldn't swap it for anything xxx great photos #siblings

  3. Oh gosh, I can't imagine trying to juggle 3 strong personalities, two is hard enough.
    Rather than referee I let them sort it themselves, unless it's gone too far, sometimes I think children need to 'fight' for themselves rather than have us sort out their problems.

  4. Thankfully I only have one so it's pretty simple for me! I can imagine the allies between them change all the time, and will continue to do so as they all get older and reach different ages. Let's hope by the time they are all in their teens thy'll be best buds! #sundaysharefest