Wednesday 28 May 2014

The things that Ami says - May

Ami has really learnt alot of new words this month she sure is very funny, here is some of here chats from the last month.

Were on the bus going to a toddler group, Ami not going on the bus often doesn't understand people want a bit of peace and quiet. I had to sit Ami next to an elderly lady who ignored Ami.
Ami to the lady: Going to see Noah
Lady Ignores Ami she gets a bit closer
Ami: Going to see Noah
Lady still ignores her so she gets even closer
Ami: Going to see Noah and Caleb
Lady: Oh sorry where you talking to me
Ami: On the bus to see Noah

Mummy: what noise does a dog make?
Ami: Raa haa waaf
Mummy: what noise does a cat make?
Ami: raa meow
Mummy: what noise does daddy make?
Ami: Raa arnel

Ami: Mummy's hot tea (points to tea)
Mummy; Yes Ami very hot
Ami: Get Ami hot tea and biscuit peppa cup
Mummy: Yes just feeding baby
Ami: Hot tea hot tea Ami have mummy hot tea

Daddy: what football team does Ami support?
Ami: Bailey play football
Daddy: what football team does daddy support?
Ami: Daddy suport Arnel

At the park Ami fell of the swings for the next few days Ami said:
Ami fell off swing, hurt nose, Bailey cuggle

Waking up one morning when getting out the cot
Ami: Milk bedtime
Mummy: No Ami you just got up
Ami: Juw (juice)
Mummy: Do you want milk
Ami: No ceral (cereal) mummy's ceral

Mummy: Who do you love?
Ami: I love football!!

So thats this months toddler chat there are many more I just havent retained them will make more effort next month. Toddlers sure are funny arnt they!


  1. Aahhhhh Iloved Lucas when he started wanting to talk to other people. The bus was always an experience. One time a lady was sat in the seat he wanted to sit in. Doh!! Great post and your photos are beautiful :) #sharewithme

  2. Grace says - Ami looks very cute and I loved the way she never gave up when the old lady was ignoring her ont he bus. Perhaps her hearing was old too!!!!! he he #sharewithme

  3. hahah I love what toddlers come out with. Great post!!! They are so entertaining. I try to grab my iphone and make a note when Buba says stuff because I am horrible at remembering it. But toddlers are the best age to come out with some great one liners, questions and conversations. Love this post. (p.s. love your new header too )!!! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    1. yes it is funny, i must do that too or film her more lol

  4. So funny! When my was was starting he is also saying a lot of funny things but now he is just saying proper words. I said 'Thank you' to him last night and he said 'You are ever so welcome' needless to say i was blown away =) #ShareWithMe