Wednesday 7 May 2014

Our weekend being a Morrisons Mum

Being a busy family of five we are forever running out of things, some weeks our food bill can be so high. With the rising price of food it’s great to know that Morrisons have lowered prices of a lot of foods and to test it out we were sent £80 worth of vouchers to do our weekly shop. I usually do my shop online at Tesco so as looking forward to looking round Morrisons and comparing the two.  I like to go into the store occasionally as I like to see the quality of the produce and make sure I can purchase Items with a good shelf life

The Store

So we headed to Morrisons in Canterbury on a busy Saturday bit of a mistake looking at it, but even with the car park being manic I managed to get a parent a child space (always handy with two babies).  I was impressed with the look of the store and the ease of access. Having never been round the store it still felt familiar. I liked that the fruit and vegetables were displayed in baskets gave a country market kind of vibe.  I wanted to get a photo but sadly the two babies were having a meltdown the toddler because she wanted an apple juice so I then scooted round.  I realised I had left the shopping list at home so tried to shop from memory. 

I didn’t really think about how busy it may be having done online shopping for so long I had got used to shopping behind a laptop so was a bit of a novelty.  Some of the isles were really busy everyone getting there shopping for the bank holiday. My son loved the cakes and was delighted that he got to choose some yum yum’s for later on. I was impressed with some of the prices and maybe brought much more than I normally would for the fridge as I was super impressed with the prices. I managed to get my whole week’s fridge items before it went downhill and both babies were cross. Thankfully they had a little toy section so I brought them both a wooden maraca each to keep them entertained for a little bit.

After filling the trolly with what I hoped was enough to stop me shopping midweek we had finally finished. Apple juice in hand the toddler was happy and I was happy to have finished shopping. The lady on the till was very friendly too, when the raspberry’s (priced at 99p) went everywhere she got me some new ones.  

My husband was working away for some of the weekend so we wanted to have a lovely Sunday lunch made as easy as possible as we had a busy morning at church. Also the football was on so my husband wanted to watch the game.  Some of our friends were joining us for lunch not just to watch football. 

Easy Cooks Roast Chicken: 

Easy cooks Roast Chicken
Sea salt Whole Chicken:  £3.33 (when brought in 3 for £10 offer)
Maris Piper Potatoes £2. (Half a bag used)
Prepared Vegetable dish: £2
Broccoli 50p
Baby corn 99p
Savers sage and onion stuffing 15p
Yorkshire puddings £1
(We also had vegetarian dish which my friend brought not from Morrisons the cheeky mare)
There was 5 plus a toddler eating meaning price per person £1.60

To start heat oven to 190 degrees 
Place oil in a roasting dish with some cloves and rosemary whilst it is heating up put the oven place the chicken in the oven for 1:35 mins
Peel the potatoes and quarter place in the oven and coat with hot oil
Check every 20 mins and turn accordingly
30 mins before the end prepare the vegetables for cooking and make the stuffing and place in the oven

After the cooking time for the chicken take out the oven and check that it is cooked by seeing if the juices run clear if not cook for longer
Leave to stand for 10s before carving

When everything is cooked put all together and serve immediately

All in all a good lunch with some friends we finished dinner with a lovely profiterole pudding.  Although some of the items may have been a bit cheaper than Tesco’s but I am not convinced to change my hobbits.  If Morrisons was available for delivery in my area than yes, I am just no good at shopping in the store.

Disclaimer: We were sent £80 of morrisons vouchers to try out there new cheaper items and write about it. All photos, thoughts and opinions are  my own. 

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  1. Love that happy photo of the family meal. Thanks for sharing your experience as a Morrisons Mum. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part