Thursday 22 May 2014

Camping with a baby and a toddler!! Am I Crazy?

So this weekend we are going camping at a festival called big church day out, Little Bear is 6 months Ami is 21 months oh and Asti who is 7. I don't know if I am mad or an adventurer. Its only for two nights and the forecast is rain but hey ho better than being at home on my own whilst my husband is away. So here I am thinking is this a good idea? See I am very much an adventurer and like to go with the flow of things, do things then think about what it will mean later. I try to think about it but I don't know, I don't know what I am doing most the time! I need to get my head around what to take, how much is too much. I always under pack! Its just for two nights.

I know Pants will be fine he will explore but its the tantruming toddler and a busy husband. I think she will be on the move alot no chance of sitting still for the weekend. My husband is busy volunteering at the event along with some of our friends so may get a bit of rest sometimes. Look out for a post next week from either a stressed out mum or a happy after a little break mum!

Here is list of stuff I am taking please help me!

  • air beds (dont want to sleep on the gound)
  • Clothes X 1 million due to being outside bound to get dirty 
  • Nappies size 3 + 5 (Deffo need these)
  • Food ( nothing worse than hungry children)
  • blankets (lots of them) 
  • Milk 
  • Toys and balls ( stuff to keep kids entertained when they wake at sunlight!) 
  • Reigns (dont want to loose toddler)
  • Sling/ Wrap ( same as above)
  • pushchair (although unsure how much I want to drag a double pushchair around with me)
  • Rain clothes (foretasted rain some days) 
  • wash stuff (to try and stay clean) 
So my little list let me know if there is anything you think I need? Maybe a holiday somewhere hot? That would be nice! 


  1. Wow this is going to be an adventure! You are so brave =) I am sorry I cant help with the supplies. I might have some nappies but I think its more expensive to send them there than the nappy itself =) Goodluck and Ill be looking forward for your story about this event =) #PoCoLo

  2. PS. Your re-capchta is really hard to read =(

  3. That's strange i don't have one set up 😞

  4. Good luck! You are one brave lady!! I don't think I would be able to go through that - hopefully your eldest is helpful like Grace is. Have fun :) Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  5. Crazy lady! Haha! I can just about imagine camping with my 5 & 8 yr olds but NEVER with Annabelle at 16mths! I actually think I'd age a decade, easy! lol. Good luck to you though and I cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back! x

  6. lots and lots of wet wipes! I could not contemplate camping when mine were that young, I might have had to tether them to the tent to stop them disappearing, hope you had a fantastic weekend #pocolo