Saturday 31 May 2014

Me and Mine - May

Another month just flown by
I am pleased as warmer weather is due anytime
but sad as its one month closer to going back to work
This months photos are taken at a festival called Big Church Day Out
The first two I forgot to call over Pants who was blowing bubbles to the side.

After a night of little sleep and Ami waking at 4:40am I woke them from a nap to see
an rapper called Guvna B hence why both babies are cross.
Pants loved it as we got to go back stage
and hand in the green room.

It was a great weekend even if it did rain. My husband was 
busy volunteering at the event and putting marquee's down
the kids apart from the noise and lack of sleep loved being in the fresh air
even if it did rain most the time we were there! 

dear beautiful
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  1. Love that last photo. What a super cool family enjoying a festival together. Sounds crazy, but worth it for the fun and the memories you no doubt made. x

  2. I don't think pictures with all the kids happy are real - well mine never look like that anyway! haha. Looks like a great day x

  3. It looks like an incredible festival - and I'm wildly impressed that you took all three little ones! I love the last photo, you're so happy and the littlest ones have got that terribly serious just woken up look, it's such a lovely contrast!

  4. Ace pictures!! You guys look like you have tons of fun together!!!

  5. I love your family portraits always so fun and full of love and life. You all are so cute. What a fun time you had, sounds great. Hope you caught up on sleep though. Lovely photos this month. #me&mine

  6. You are such rock stars! Love that your Me & Mine is at a festival! x

  7. Aw looks like you had an amazing time! Lovely photos x