Friday 15 November 2013

Hope Flies - Short Film

One thing I love about my husband is how creative, I love that he has big dreams and its amazing to be supporting these dreams and being along on the amazing adventures with him. So one day he saw a competition on making a film about hope, he sat there and wrote a script and then got into making the film. I love seeing it from start to finish, seeing the hours spent checking things to sitting on the beach for hours as an extra.

He has made many more short films as he tries to live out his dream as a film director. We know its coming we are just waiting for that break through, his dream is to big for his father to ignore the door is going to open sometime. We live in faith. He didnt win this comeptiom but still the little film is good, I think he missed the deadline to submit it.

Here is the Blurb: A young lady down on her luck and out of hope has a chance encounter with a mysterious homeless man. Shot during one sunny evening down at St Mildreds Bay Westgate, Kent. Staring Rhiannon Lane and 4 times Bafta winner Peter Corey.

So take a look you may spot me in the back ground :)

Hope Flies from Matt Carvosso on Vimeo.

Find out more videos made by my husband over on his website Matt Carvosso Productions. Or maybe you need a film then contact him, he is always happy to help make videos :)


  1. I loved that film. (Great choice of chocolate too!) xxx

  2. Lovely little film, best of luck to your husband pursuing his dream. Mich x

  3. That was fab! Loved the message behind it too!

  4. It's great that you updated the writing to go with the video to share about your husbands dream. I'm sure that passion will pay of. In recent weeks I have heard of two friends who have been waiting on their dream job for a long long time (one is a Christian and she has been holding onto a prophetic word about it for years having applied for that same job around half a dozen times during that time). Finally things fell into place with God's timing and she got the job! Another friend (non-Christian) recently got their dream job and we had really been praying for breakthrough in that situation - Hoping that God speaks directly into that persons heart to know His hand was in it. xxx