Monday 11 November 2013

Waiting waiting waiting for a baby to arrive!

So I thought I was ok with the pregnancy going beyond my due date but now its all I think about. I remember the other two pregnancies feeling exactly the same. Suddenly everytime you see someone they ask you not had it yet or when you going to pop can secretly drive me mad! My mum said to enjoy the time before the baby but it can be hard to relax when every pain you get you think will turn into established labour.

I suppose there is no hurry to have the baby but I just so excited to see what he looks like, will he have dark hair like his brother and sister did when they were born, what will he weigh I just cant wait. although this week I have not been overly uncomfortable I still have a tiny bump (although my husband disagrees and calls me sizematronicle) it measures just under 34cm when should be about 40cm.

Both Pants and Ami were a week late, both born on a Saturday and both weighed within 50 grams of each other so maybe this baby will follow suit, he is was due last Saturday so maybe we have a few more days left. I dont feel ready for this baby but like everything I tend to do in life where I fell out of depth I know that I am always going to pull through. Maybe I should make the most as my mum says, go to the park/ beach with Pants and Ami, do things we may find a little tricky soon.

Also I know Im going to get an awkward call from my mum suggesting that me and my husband have sex in order to bring on the baby. No thanks don't want to hear it from my mum cheers. Any tips you have that have brought on your labours let me know?

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