Wednesday 10 July 2013

Review - Annabel Karmel - Quick & Easy Toddler recipes

We recently Reviewed The new Annabel Karmel quick and easy Recipe book for toddlers, this was a great thing for a growing family as nowadays its so easy to just buy things from tescos and not really put much effort into dinner! So quick and easy really appeals to me! I love the idea of making things from scratch and knowing what is in the food! 

Were a family that enjoys dinner time its the only time where we all sit together and the tv is off! Ok my husband may be following whatever on his Iphone but we are all together! Now Ami is bigger she is happy to eat what we eat and often prefers what we would to baby food! So We looked through the recipe book i got Pants to choose something and made a meal plan for the week! 

After trying a few of the recipes i was pleased with the book, but some didnt really save time in the long run! I just need someone to make my food then i can deal with the baby crying and helping Pants getting stuck with something, all in all we really enjoyed the book! I love Pants being involved in helping deciding what to have for dinner, and being excited about seeing his dinner like it is on the page! Also its not too expensive you can currently get it on amazon for £6.59 really recommend it!

Here is some tips from the book to help minimise time in the kitchen:
  • Organise Storage: Try to organise your cupboards and draws in the kitchen so that you have easy accsess to the eqiupment you use most frequently
  • Cleaning up: Keep the kitchen sink full of soapy water as you work you can put all your dirty untensiels into the sink for easy cleaning
  • Plan ahead: Whenever possible double the quantity and freeze extra portions
  • Keep Sharp: Dont forget to sharpen you knives; Its going to take longer to cut something up with a blunt knife.
  • Quick Blend: Save time by chopping veg using a food processor
  • Stock up: Keep your fridge and larder stocked so you dont have to make a handy shopping list so you dont have to make a dash to the shops. And having a handy list to note down when things run out!
  • One meal rule: So many mums end up cooking seperate meals for there children, but cooking needn't be such a chore. 
Disclaimer: we were sent this book for free for the purpose of the review, all opinions and photos are my own.

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  1. Hey, I'm a new follower from the Wordless Wednesday hop! Love the last part, I bet that'll be hard if I had kids! I actually prepare two separate meals for the boyfriend and me. Lol.

    I'd love it if you can follow me back :)


    1. ha thanks, I know what you mean! My husband can be very fussy lol!