Tuesday 2 July 2013

Camping weekend 2 of 2

So our weekends of Camping have come to an end! No more deflating airbeds for some time! Pants really enjoyed himself and so did Ami! We stayed an extra night as Pants had a teachers training day so another night in the fresh air! The weather turned out to be very nice so was lovely to wake up to sunshine and the sound of the sea!

Pants enjoyed the fires and creating an Olympic torch out of wood, he also in his clubs made a cake out of orange skin! Him and Ami also went for a quick swim although the water was freezing! My husband was a bit mroe busy this weekend so I was entertaining Ami trying to stop her causing mischief or crawling out of the tent! We didnt see much of Pants he was gone!

The weekend was finished by some baptisms in the sea! although he tide was right out was still amazing!
Heres a highlight video my husband made of the Saturday and Friday take a look, see if you can spot Ami and Pants!

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  1. This looks so amazing I could almost be persuaded to consider camping! So pleased it dried up for you and wow what wonderful outdoor fun yu all had. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids