Thursday 11 July 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful! week 18

So another quick week, have had a few days of and was back to work today! Life is good its the summer not long till the holidays, my last full summer off! for a while!! We have had a good week very quiet but nice!! My reasons to be cheerful this week are as follows:

1) We have had some lovely times down the beach recently, we are blessed to have a beach at the end of the road! Pants even found a whole bigger than me that someone had dug on the beach! The kids have been swimming, Ami has learnt to climb over sand mounds and we have even played rounders on the beach!!

2) Ami has recently grown up so much, she has learnt to point and even developed a fake cough so so funny!

3) I have a job interview on Monday a little scared but know that we will be fine!!

4) Cant believe my Pants is finishing year one soon! why is he growing up so so fast! I cant believe it life changes so so fast!

5) My husband just went to the shop to get me some chocolate!

6) One more long day shift before the weekend my poor husband has to sort out school runs, packed lunches , Ami hospital appointment and school disco! busy for him!  Its nice to not sort these things out for once!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
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  1. Good luck with that interview.

  2. Wow you are lucky to have a beach at the end of your road! Good luck for Monday and I wish my husband would bring me some chocolate!

    1. ha I had got back from a 13 hour shift! hes lovely!