Monday 23 March 2015

Funny Toddler Chat 31 months

Ami does not stop talking nowadays and she is rather funny. Here is a few of her little chats I can remember. 

Mummy: We have got to talk Asti to school and then we will get a cake
Ami: Why?
Mummy: Because Daddy is working away
Ami: I am going to get a cone ice cream cake.
Daddy: Ami doesnt like cakes 
Ami: I do Daddy, 
A little while later
Ami: Daddy don't be mean to me any more about cakes

Talking to a random lady on a bench
Ami: Its my birthday tomorrow
Lady: Oh really
Ami: Im having a party, Noahs coming and Ruby but no grown ups
Lady: How old are you going to be
Ami: Im going to be 2 
Lady: Ok dear
Somehow some people do not enjoy being bombarded by a toddler.

Mummy: We have to leave to get Asti from School soon.
Ami: I can't wait to see my little brother Asti
Mummy: No he is your big brother 
Ami: Ok my sister then 
Mummy: ok then Ami.
Ami: Why is Asti my big brother?

Mummy; Ami why did you get Astis Monopoly of the table?
Ami: It wasn't me is was Son Son
Mummy: Son Son can not reach it did you take it of the table?
Ami: Yes 
Mummy Thats naughty this is Astis game 
Ami: (crying) I do not have any board games

Daddy: Love you Ami
Ami: Love you Daddy
Daddy: How much?
Ami: I love you to the whole world.

Mummy: Ami what are you doing in your bedroom
Ami: I am not Ami I am a princess 
Mummy: Princess what are you doing?
Ami: Playing nursery with Son Son, he is in the baby room I am going to take him home. 

So this is a few of the little conversations I can remember, I must make more of an effort they soon grow up and its not as funny. 


  1. My youngest insisting on being called stan for nearly a year!

  2. awww love this post, sooo cute!! My little girl is so funny (3 next month) and she has an obsession with car insurance and guarantees, thanks to the adverts lol xx

  3. How cute! Love toddler chats! xx

  4. Awwww I SO miss my kids being this small!! Mine are 12 and 9 now! So miss them toddler chats!

    Lucie x

  5. Sometimes you have to laugh before you try to explain.

  6. It's a great idea to write these conversations down because although you think you'll never forget them, you do and they're so precious. You'll really enjoy reading back on this in year's to come.

  7. Well at least insisting on being called Princess is much better than my nephew wanting to be Slim Shady!

  8. aww bless .. i love this age they seem to really find their voices dont they :-)

  9. I love the little conversations they have and the things that are important to them - super cute!

  10. i love it when they start chatting with you fully.

  11. Haha! I can't wait for this stage! So funny...

  12. I love this stage - my middle son is there. I love hearing him talk to his brother - he told him he was so proud of him the other day!

  13. I cannot wait for this stage with Sebby, he is still on one or two words although it can feel relentless at times

  14. oh i love the chatty stage especially the worse ones of WHY? WHY ? WHY? lol

  15. So sweet! I love toddler chat! xx

  16. I love these innocent cute conversations so touching.

  17. Yes toddler talk is so so seven year old still asks so many questions and a lot!

  18. Aw I love it when they get to this age and the conversations are so random and adorable! My little girl is 9 months at the moment and has mastered 3 words... daddy, dog and NO i definitely think shes gong to be a diva lol!

  19. So cute as they try to make sense of the world

  20. I love when little ones start having funny conversations! It's always so funny what they come out with

  21. Kids can be so funny sometimes; it is nice to see the world from their perspective and remember how it looks like when you are a child.

  22. I love the randomness of Toddlers, so much fun

  23. Oh I love the innocent chats of little children. Some of the things they say can be funny but so true. And they remember the smallest details.

  24. I LOVE conversations at this age, the things they come out with are amazing!